Short Blogging Break

I’m going to take a short break from my Unity3D blogs for a few days to try and build up a good backlog of topic ideas, as well as keeping myself from burning out. Here’s my current list of topics to cover, anyone have any suggestions to add to the list? I’m mainly focused on performance and pipeline for Unity, especially as it relates to iOS and mobile devices.

Shaders for Content Creators : Selecting Shaders for Your Art (define terminology like cubemaps)
Shaders for Engineers : Making Shaders Go Fast
Animation With Shaders and Materials
Using Textures As Precomputed Data Tables For Shaders
Runtime Lighting (include lighting through spherical harmonics in here)
Lightmaps (would be a description of the idea behind lightmapping, and not a walkthrough of lightmapping)
Level of Detail (Cover runtime performance benefits, and using LoD to handle lower end devices)
Unity Physics


Joseph Stankowicz is a software engineer who has worked in the video games industry for over eight years. The last two years have had a heavy focus on Unity development, where he helped ship over eleven titles to iOS and Android platforms. He also is really excited about 3D printing, and keeps his Solidoodle 3 printing out stuff as often as possible. You can view his LinkedIn profile here

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